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Cuvée Delphine 13.0%, De Struise Brouwers, Belgium
53 ratings
Cuvée Delphine
13.0% Imperial Stout
This beer takes its name from Delphine Boël, the unlawful daughter of King Albert II. She has struggled for acknowledgement in both her professional and private lives, so we decided she deserves a tribute fit for a princess. Cuvée Delphine is our Black Albert, carefully matured on Four Roses bourbon barrels for 12 months. Mrs. Boël has kindly allowed us to use her artwork for its label, which speaks for itself. In a sea of sickly sweet and heavy bourbon aged stouts, we wanted Cuvée Delphine to shine brightly as a pinnacle of balance and restraint. Only with a base beer as potent as Black Albert could we manage to make the aging process shine. Notes of oak and slight vanilla pair extraordinarily well with the familiar coffee and brown sugar notes from the Black Albert. The subdued alcohol ties it all together in a lush, mellow experience. Cuvée Delphine will set you free.
IBU: 72


Post author: Vianney P
Vianney P
2 months ago

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Christophe C
3 months ago

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Clément H
5 months ago

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5 months ago

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Vincent D
5 months ago

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7 months ago

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Gaetan B
11 months ago

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ The Beer Musketeer
1 year ago
Cuvée Delphine, Belgium
End of an era, the last beer I ever bought from my local bottle shop. 😢 It’s insanely good. Coffee and chocolate in equal measures with a light boozy character and hints of raw alcohol. Layers of depth from the barrel, oak and caramel mainly. Hints of burnt sugar, plum and liquorice come through as the beer warms… Great stuff but bittersweet feeling whilst drinking this. Portsmouth’s beer scene just got a whole lot poorer 😢

Post author: Neil
@ Le Lucifer
1 year ago

Post author: Arnald D
Arnald D
1 year ago
Cuvée Delphine, Belgium