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Naughty Otter Wheat Ale 4.8%, Gananoque Brewing Company, Canada
2 ratings
Naughty Otter Wheat Ale
4.8% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Complex and subtle notes of elderflower, clove and banana ester.


Post author: Beer For Ed Please
Beer For Ed Please
6 years ago
Not a bad wheat ale at all. It pours with an unrivaled effervescence that leave a huge foamy head, which disapates slowly into a thin creamy lacing around the top edge of the glass.The aroma gives you the feel of freshness, you smell the floral notes and the tiny bubbles tickle your nose. Its not as creamy on the tongue as some others, and the carbonation gives a bit of a bite, but it drinks smooth. The clove is on the forefront with hints of banana and flowers on the back burner, but present all the same.