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Mr. Tractor 5.0%, Crooked Can Brewing Company, United States
2 arviota
Mr. Tractor
5.0% Kölsch
Brewed as a lager and cellared to be clean and crisp, the Kölsch though appearing simple with its straw color, moderate hop bitterness, and 5% ABV demands much of the brewer’s attention. Such simple flavors leave nothing for flaws to hide behind. As the name suggests, this brew is meant to be a quaffing beer that will compliment the smell of freshly mowed grass. It is the perfect "lawnmower beer" that will quench anyone’s thirst after a day of chores. With the right balance of noble German hops and 2-Row malt, this is great session beer.


Post author: MikeStevenson11
@ Crooked Can Brewing Company
9 days ago
Mr. Tractor, United States

Post author: Matt P
Matt P
6 years ago
Decent beer. Went to a beer festival in Florida on Saturday and this was the first brewery in line so tried something different.