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Temptress Choc Porter 6.0%, Holgate Brewhouse, Australia
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Temptress Choc Porter
6.0% Porter


Post author: Cecu
8 months ago

Post author: Druncan
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Swords Wines
5 years ago
Temptress Choc Porter, Australia
Murky, dark brown beer with modest, hasty carbonation releases a really lame, light tan head that rises merely a few millimeters tall and dies quickly away. The nose experiences a generous amount of dark chocolate and a bit of espresso, seasoned by a drop of syrup, a spoonful of molasses and faint roasted rye bread. The palate puts forward slightly bitter raw chocolate and a tad mocha accompanied by dark malt and weaker nuances of molasses and syrup. The body is light. The beer ends with a dollop of bitter syrup, raw chocolate, malt cookies and a note of mocha. The aftertaste is short. The mouthfeel is thin and substantially light, rather uninspiring, remotely stuffy and also unfortunately a bit lame. The label looks attractive unlike the beer itself.  Not sure if this is a Porter in the first place...

Post author: Phongsaphon
@ SabaiD
6 years ago
Temptress Choc Porter, Australia