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Parkers Piece 5.0%, City of Cambridge Brewery, England
5 ratings
Parkers Piece
5.0% Premium Bitter / Strong Bitter / ESB


Post author: Clusp
2 years ago
Dark, rich, and a little hazy. There is a real kick to this. You get a sense of the bitterness to come, before you taste it. It’s smooth enough, but they have left the flavour in. It’s bitter, crisp, and a a little raw. I like a bitter to be unapologetic, to be original, and to be able to stand out a little. I don’t need bells and whistles, but I do like a bit of boldness. It’s like a school disco. There’s a black coffee taste, sitting in the corner. There is a slight citrusy tang waiting at the door, wondering whether to come in. There is a sharp burst of zinc plated, pan head, counter sunk, screws standing by the window, wanting to dance, but not wanting to seem too desperate and trying to play it cool. And there is the overtone of bitterness, patrolling the hall to ensure there is no hanky panky going on. All in all its good, it’s refreshing, and it delivers.

Post author: SP S
3 years ago

Post author: Tom b
Tom b
4 years ago
Rather light for a ruby with not that much taste and a slightly odd aftertaste not undrinkable but disappointing

Post author: Mauno S
Mauno S
5 years ago
Hiukan makea, hedelmällinen ja vetinen. Menee janoon ja ei oikein lämpimänä. Hiukan karkea, kuiva ja hedelmällinen jälkimaku.