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Batch Number 015 7.5%, Nowhere In Particular Brewing Company, United States
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Batch Number 015
7.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
New England Style IPA brewed with Lupulin Powder


Post author: Sirdubby
6 years ago
Not very true to the N.E. IPA style in terms of cloudiness/haziness. Well, I guess it has a slight haziness to it. Pineapple and pear stick out the most in the aroma. No prominent hop aroma. Pear, grapefruit and peaches stick out the most in the taste, with maybe a touch of orange or some similar citrus fruit like a tangerine or lemon. Slight hoppiness throughout. Pineapple on the back end. There's a lot of flavors going on here and none of them seem to clash with one another. Very well made. Glad i tried it. Very tasty. 3.75/5