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Wintery Wonderale 4.0%, Mr Whitehead's Cider Company, England
5 ratings
Wintery Wonderale
4.0% Mild Ale
Light chestnut in colour with flavours of roasted malt and caramel. A light and pleasant aroma with pleasant hoppy taste to finish.


Post author: Oliver C
Oliver C
6 years ago
Quite good if you prefer a porter

Post author: Lee L
Lee L
6 years ago
Mmm roasted coffee and chocolate taste. Won’t be running out to get this again

Post author: Ellie + Josh
Ellie + Josh
6 years ago

Post author: RachySP and her Other Half 👍🏻
RachySP and her Other Half 👍🏻
6 years ago
Wintery Wonderale, England
Nothing like my normal brew and I’m not sure if I like it or not. There’s a roasted after taste that’s almost coffee like to my untrained palette. On the fence myself but the other half really doesn’t like it!

Post author: Peter T
Peter T
@ Tammenhovi Beer Garden
6 years ago