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Coconut Head 11.0%, CoolHead Brew, Finland
3 arviota
Coconut Head
11.0% Imperial Stout


Post author: Sam S
Sam S
@ BrewDog Helsinki
7 years ago
A very very interesting scent also. Coconut is present, but it is mixed with something that in my opinion smells like butter? A bit odd, but actually is kinda nice. It is dominating the scent so there’s not too much room for anything else. The same ”butter” is also present in the taste, along with lots of coconut. I was expecting this to be more to the dry side as being a coconut infused stout, but it was actually rather sweet and oily. Not too full bodied, giving its over 10% abv, but overall its a decent, very drinkable Imperial stout. Not quite sure what the butter is about, it’s a bit odd, but nevertheless a good beer. Might be the best I have tasted from this brewery.

Post author: AtteLaht
7 years ago

Post author: Colonel Sandels *TAB*
Colonel Sandels *TAB*
7 years ago