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Old Dick 3.8%, Suthwyk Ales, England
4 ratings
Old Dick
3.8% Bitter
Dick olding brewed on the Southwick brewhouse from 1906 to 1957 , retiring at the ripe old age of 81. He died soon after taking with him his recipes with him.


Post author: Cufty S
Cufty S
@ Pages
1 year ago
Old Dick, England
Old English hops and Southwick malted barley. Nice ale.

Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ Lechlade Garden Centre
3 years ago
Old Dick, England

Post author: Tom J
Tom J
5 years ago
Not too bad. It's actually quite reminiscent of a good lager. Slightly hoppy, I reckon it'd be lovely served ice cold on an hot day. Its 'nose' isn't very pleasant though.

Post author: Dazzz66
5 years ago