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Yakima Valley 7.0%, Arbor Ales, England
90 ratings
Yakima Valley
7.0% India Pale Ale
American IPA.


Post author: _scrase
@ Sainsbury's Filton
3 months ago
Yakima Valley, England

Post author: Max L
Max L
@ Sainsbury's
3 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
Delicious American IPA. Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook & Citra Hops. Grapefruit and marmalade. Decent beer

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Sainsbury's
4 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
Delicious and fruity but with a weird colour.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Sainsbury's
5 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
Arbor are one of those brewers you see in a supermarket and don't wince at the thought of it *cough* beaver town *cough* tiny rebel etc. After all, one does see Cloudwater and Polly's in supermarkets now. And you often see Arbor on tap at fine craft establishments, maybe not the most exciting but decently dependable. This brew is half hazy and golden amber coloured, actual amber this time not posh yellow ūüėÖ. On the nose it's a bit west coast like with hoppy forest vibes and restricted to citrus fruits only. The cans description is right on the money where it says grapefruit and marmalade. It's syrupy and silky in the mouth and the 7% alcohol is noticeable straight away. It seems like there isn't enough flavour to cover it but then it's also got traditional IPA vibes. Your dad might like this. However it's is American Yakima valley style, so it's a bit different from your old English ale IPA. Yes there's the similar chutney element but this beer leans much more into sweetness via the marmalade. It works well with the pine that isn't overbearing. It's not my favourite style of IPA, it's not a juice bomb New England and my caught between liking it and not liking the obvious alcohol, it makes it heavy and hard to drink. Speaking of which, with the grapefruit and marmalade comes great tangyness! Impressions of sweetness are gone by the bitter ending. Nice to see this in Sainsbury's but not sure I'll have it often, if again at all.

Post author: Bluffsfisticuffs
@ Sainsbury's
5 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
Awesome deep colour to the beer. Smells hoppy on pour and nice piney tones to it. Decent.

Post author: M√©lissa √Čmilie
M√©lissa √Čmilie
6 months ago

Post author: David L
David L
8 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
Straight away from the can opening you get a burst of hops to the nostrils and nothing but. It's well balanced in terms of its bitterness and fruits from the hops from yakima , washington state. It's an absolute banger , i watched a review on Pauls Beer Reviews and i' trying not to quote him but he is absolutely bang on the money when he says this is one of the best IPA's verdant have to offer. You need to be thinking of the old 'Torpedo' by Sierra Nevada to understand what i mean. It's so well rounded and every mouthfull leaves the palate coated with classic american hops (Amarillo , Cascade , Chinook, Citra & Summit) of old style American Craft Ales. A steal at six of my finest english pounds.

Post author: Mike
@ Nailsworth Wine & Spirits
9 months ago
Yakima Valley, England
21/02/23 23:00

Post author: Nathan S
Nathan S
10 months ago

Post author: DgKinyo
11 months ago