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Straight Razor Stout 4.5%, Riot Brewing Co., Canada
2 arviota
Straight Razor Stout
4.5% Dry Stout
A collaborative Irish stout between riot brewing and Victory Barber and Brand barber shop.


Post author: Mr. T
Mr. T
@ Riot Brewing
6 years ago
Nice chocolate, espresso 26IBU everyday well made stout.. Solid

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
Straight Razor Stout, Canada
Well my fellow beer lovers, I am all fired up this Christmas holiday season. The last few years have seen an absolute madness in the expansion if craft beer and availability beer in general. There was a time not long ago I could walk into a shop and have already had all they had to offer. No longer. I can't keep up with all the releases. Which brings me to why I'm so happy. The number of stouts I've sampled just this year is probably equal to if not greater than, all other stouts I'd had before. And here is another. It is a good dark stout that doesn't quite pass my flashlight test. It show a hint of Red where the light passes through. It has a good tan head that behaves well and lasts a decent amount of time leaving wispy lacing rings at each mouthful. Completely stoked that my other local brewery has made a stout. It has a solid helping of roast malt aromas with some chocolate and day old coffee notes. There is a hops tangyness too. Mouth feel is creamy and medium bodied. The flavour profile is roast malt, some sweetness, chocolate, the coffee, some more sweetness and then a little bit of balance from the hops. It has a nice roast finish up at the end. It is a bit thin for me but the taste is just fine. Solid offering and well done Riot.