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Saranac Tropical Storm IPA 5.5%, The f. x. Matt brewing co, United States
4 ratings
Saranac Tropical Storm IPA
5.5% American Pale Ale
An unfiltered and hazy IPA with wheat, oats, and fruity notes of mango, guava and citrus.


Post author: Cedric C
Cedric C
5 years ago

Post author: Matteokop
@ Beer Culture
6 years ago
Saranac Tropical Storm IPA, United States

Post author: Beer For Ed Please
Beer For Ed Please
6 years ago
The citrus sits on the forefront of all the flavours, but only for a small bit. The resounding taste and the one that lingers is that of the piney, resinous hops. It's a nice take on an American IPA. Glad i tried it.