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Cider Flat 5.0%, Nude Cider, Finland
3 ratings
Cider Flat
5.0% Apple Cider


Post author: Eve K
Eve K
@ K-Citymarket Länsikeskus, Turku
3 years ago
Oikein raikasta, mehukasta ja voimakkaan makuista. Tekee hyvää kesähelteellä.

Post author: Ville V
Ville V
6 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Alko Arkadia
7 years ago
Cider Flat, Finland
This cider pours semicloudy, deep yellow. Carbonation is zero as this is literally "Flat". Scent is sour apple nectar as if the zesty green apples from Southern France. The taste and mouthfeel are truly interesting as this is deliberately an uncarbonated vesion of this cider. A "sparkling" version of it also exists. The palate is medium-sour apple. Not really juicy, rather as if apple juice extract was mixed with a little too much water. Finishes with rather sour, watery mix of apple juice and apple wine. The aftertaste lingers on tongue for short to medium duration. Mouthfeel is understandably flat and slightly vinous. The cider gives also a tart, somewhat dry, natural and gardeny feeling. Overall, this is a bit lame. It's interesting how different this can be depending on carbonation.