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Dragon's Blood 5.5%, Holden's Brewery, England
3 ratings
Dragon's Blood
5.5% Red Ale / Amber Ale
A golden amber premium beer with an assertive hop character and fruitiness dominating throughout which leads to an intense hoppy yet fruity finish. Brewed using Fuggled hops and the finest English Marris Otter malt.


Post author: Ricky J
Ricky J
4 years ago
Brilliant ale packed full of fruit flavours which dulled down the hops but I believe was good very good and interesting overall

Post author: Steven D
Steven D
5 years ago

Post author: RedneckRob
5 years ago
Nice dark-golden colour. Sweetish aroma and flavour, almost like a wheat beer. The label mentions hoppiness, but this is subdued and neutralized by the rich flavours and fruit hints (including banana-ish notes according to my tastebuds). A really interesting beer with loads of flavours going on. I'd rate it higher, but the sweetness of the alcohol (5.6%) is a bit full-on.