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Mystic Skull no. 5 5.5%, Parallel 49 Brewing Company, Canada
2 ratings
Mystic Skull no. 5
5.5% Spiced Beer


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
7 years ago
Mystic Skull no. 5, Canada
This copper orange beer has a lose puffy head that leaves a little lacing as it quickly departs. The immediate aroma I pick out is chocolate and caramel with some ancho,bready, and some very mild cumin tucked way in the back. Also what seems almost like plum but more of a Belgian ale sweetness. The cumin comes forth a lot more in the flavour and the sweetness recedes half way through the mouthful leaving an odd dryness. Caramel, bread, and chocolate all display in equal parts and fade slowly as the ancho steps in to leave an ever so timid warmth as sip finishes, and a very mild lingering chili aftertaste. As I get to know the glass a little better I find the ancho spreading more through the whole sip and lending more flavour and warmth. I can also definitely taste the Vienna malt. I had read some fairly negative reviews on this beer with some claiming that there were overpowering cumin flavours or that the spices didn't work well and that maybe it would be enjoyable under certain circumstances. Well, either I really am crappy at this reviewing stuff or I'm quite open minded. I thought it was full of intrigue and interesting combinations. I found it rather mild throughout while still presenting the individual flavours well.