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The Lost Pumpkin Patch 6.0%, Canuck Empire Brewing, Canada
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The Lost Pumpkin Patch
6.0% Pumpkin Ale
"Autumn in a bottle. The beer looks like the leaves after they change colour. An aroma of cinnamon, ginger, and all spice wafts into ghe air and blends with pumkin and maple syrup on your palate."


Post author: Grusch
6 years ago

Post author: PeachMeat
@ Beverly Corners
6 years ago
The Lost Pumpkin Patch, Canada
Beautiful autumn colour with gentle carbonation. No head at all really. Altho it sits at 6% it tastes sort of bland and bitter. Ginger is the strongest dynamic I can taste, comming in in the middle and lingering on after the sip. Not very pumkiny. Not quite to my taste but still good.