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The Big Smoke 6.2%, 8 Wired Brewing, New Zealand
5 ratings
The Big Smoke
6.2% Smoked / Rauchbier


Post author: hharonoj
2 years ago

Post author: God-Emperor's Wraith Form
God-Emperor's Wraith Form
@ Graali
4 years ago
The Big Smoke, New Zealand
Split this up with two friends (or well, like one friend and one acquaintance). Two beer hipsters other than myself. Anyway, it was an old bottle matured for 2-3 years. Smoked porter from New Zealand. Low abv, but worked out really nicely. Scent offers modest, woody smoke. Taste has balanced smoke in the entrance, then turns into sweet, dark bread with a smoky side character and finishing off with gentle, super round and subtle bitterness (a porter characteristic). Maturation worked on this beer excellently. It's very round and not too dominantly ruled by smoke. Balanced. Taste is very full for 6.2% abv. Just wishing the abv would be double and this would've been a killer.

Post author: Ässä
@ Pomeroy's Pub
4 years ago
Not a beer to my taste, quite metallic and strong smoky flavour.

Post author: Philmyglass
5 years ago
The Big Smoke, New Zealand
Marvellous! Smokey like a good rauchbier, dark and rich with malt and chocolate like a great porter, sprinkle in some fresh new world hops, mix them together and it’s rich smokey brilliance. On the rauchbier side they’ve even used German beechwood to smoke the malts alongside some native New Zealand Manuka. If you enjoy smoked beers as I do, It should be on your list!