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Paria IPA 1.0 6.0%, North Brewing Co., England
12 betyg
Paria IPA 1.0
6.0% India Pale Ale


Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ De Bierliefhebber
4 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England
Can. Canned on: 25.6.2019 Temperature: +8 C Golden-yellow color, slightly hazy. Thick, creamy, long-lasting and large head looks awesome and leaves laces behind. Astonishing look: 5/5 Huge lemon, lime and grapefruit fist rises from the glass and punches you in the face. This is followed by more subtle tropical and resiny piney notes, but even these are relatively strong. I like this a lot! If this would have a touch of caramel maltiness I'd call this a perfect American IPA: 4,75/5 Unfortunately, mouthfeel lacks balls... The medium-light body tries even turn watery towards the end but luckily the bitterness comes for aid. But even that isn't enough to save the mouthfeel being helplessly average: 3/5 Taste has citrus with fruity and resiny flavors. This has lost a lot of hop flavor. I drank this few weeks back at the Pint Please office and it was much better (that beer was bought from Beerdome but was the same batch): 10/15 Nooooo, this started so well and I remember this being really awesome. Now, this is just your every day IPA. Good flavors but lacks greatness: 14,5/20 =37,25/50

Post author: Guss
@ Bieronomy
4 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England
De l amertume de l amertume et c presque tout, bof

Post author: Miikka
@ Beerdome
4 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England
Excellent beer! #officebeer

Post author: Marko Koo
Marko Koo
4 years ago
Very good birthday beer.

Post author: Mattburnside
4 years ago

Post author: Jarkko T
Jarkko T
@ Kihøskh
4 years ago

Post author: Gavin G
Gavin G
@ House Of The Trembling Madness (New shop)
5 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England
Beautiful stuff. Right up my street. Juicy as hell with bags of flavour!

Post author: Geordie1977
@ Beer Ambleside
5 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England
Sharp very sharp!! Almost like pure lemon juice.

Post author: John S
John S
6 years ago
Paria IPA 1.0, England

Post author: Porterhouse
@ Mikkeller Webshop
6 years ago