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Solstice 3.9%, Three Tuns Brewery, England
7 notes
3.9% Red Ale / Amber Ale


Post author: Higgins A
Higgins A
@ The Fountain Inn
3 months ago

Post author: 1972GAZMOD
@ The Jiggers Whistle
8 months ago
Solstice, England
Nice fruity aroma and taste with a subtle hoppiness to finish. Slight bitter aftertaste but enjoyable. Smooth and easy drinking session ale

Post author: Ricky J
Ricky J
5 years ago
Great ale smooth zesty taste easy drinking on a warm evening

Post author: Graeme1958
6 years ago
Very nice light balanced refreshing standard ale . Ipa , not too bitter and eminently drinkable

Post author: Nashie
6 years ago
Solstice, England
What a bloody easy beer this is. Lots of people say 'what a boring standard ale this is' and it is, but it's a perfect, big, boring standard golden ale. It's citrusy, it's got Lemon, orange, mango and a beautiful bitterness to finish it. Malty tastes come through and feels like a real easy drinker. Read many reviews of this beer on other sites and it's all so petty. 'Small head and just a good standard ale, so not very good' but for me it's an ale that does exactly what we's a good ale with no fancy shit to it! It's called a solstice and it tastes like one! In my mind it's bloody lovely. Two more please!