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Birra Tirana Premium Lager 4.2%, Birra Tirana, Albania
5 ratings
Birra Tirana Premium Lager
4.2% Premium Lager


Post author: andrewthegoat
@ All Day Grill
3 years ago

Post author: Liam
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
4 years ago
Birra Tirana Premium Lager, Albania
The beer pours transparent, golden with restrained carbonation. The weak, cloud-white, short-endured head settles rapidly down to zero and leaves the glass untouched. The nose can sense almost nothing, merely a very faint malty note emerges from the drink. Super-unpromising. The palate is light and soft, displaying standard pale malt with good, lager-fitting hops. A surprising, very distant diacetylic tang lingers in the background. No unnecessary sweetness on the tongue, which is a plus. This light-bodied beer finishes with mild malty, thinly bitter aftertaste of medium duration. The gustatory package is truly simple and standard, both upfront and in the finish. The mouthfeel is light, light-crisp, balanced and very easily approachable. It's also simple, uninspirational and not perfectly clean. Though a manageable, quaffable lager.

Post author: Dj Joke
Dj Joke
5 years ago
Erster Eindruck 7 Aromatik 5 Geschmack 6 Gesamt 6 Ich weis wirklich was über das Bier zu schreiben es ist nicht mal schlecht aber eifach 0815.