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Coeur D'Alene VB Stout 5.6%, River City Brewing Company, United States
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Coeur D'Alene VB Stout
5.6% Stout
Like most stouts, the VB Stout is a dark, rich beer with plenty of coffee and chocolate tones. In addition to most stouts, however, we add the distinct taste of organic vanilla and the essence of bourbon to make a complex beer with a symphony of flavor and a wide range of notes. Starting from a secret batch based on our long-time stout recipe, retired Head Brewer Laurie Kraus created this beer as a one-keg, one-time treat for our brewery Christmas party nearly fifteen years ago. Re-created annually by popular demand, this stout eventually replaced our traditional stout on a year-round basis. We could use more words, but really, the best way to understand this beer is to take a sip.
IBU: 55
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