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7-Spoke Stout 5.0%, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, United States
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7-Spoke Stout
5.0% Stout
Flying Bike's second competition featured a Stout, and member-owner David Flynn prevailed with his American Summer Stout recipe out of a field of many. David's experience scaling his recipe up at Northwest Brewing is exactly the sort of experience Flying Bike provides its member-owners, and he remembers it as a whole lotta work! The result: 7-Spoke Stout, features the classic Stout ingredients of Caramel Wheat, Crystal 80, Chocolate Malt – with a twist: California Ale (WPL001) was used to ferment the beer. In the end, this beer was eminently quaffable, and falls right smack in the middle of the BJCP definition of 13E American Stout.
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