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Hefeweizen 5.5%, Diamond Knot Brewery, United States
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5.5% Hefeweizen
Man, I've heard some folks mangle the pronunciation of this one: heffer-weezen, highfen-whitezen – sheesh, it's just German, people! Say it with me now: HAY – fuh – vite – zen! Or hell, just call it Hef if you're familiar enough with it, kinda like the Playboy dude! Our Hefe (yet another name!)is a true Bavarian style beer quite unlike the many American Hefes that have popularized the style. The yeast we use originated in the nearly 1,000 year old Bavarian brewery Weihenstephan, and contributes flavors of bananas and cloves. Delightfully opaque, the yeast is designed to stay in suspension in the beer, adding to the flavor and (purportedly) to hangover-avoidance due to all the B vitamins present! A great summertime or anytime refresher.
IBU: 15
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