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Baltic Porter 8.2%, Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen, United States
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Baltic Porter
8.2% Baltic Porter
Deep garnet in color, rich, malty, very smooth lager Originated in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, this beer was influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts and British Porters. A very smooth lagered beer with the character of roast malt and dark sugar flavors. Fruity from the higher alcohol, full bodied, and a low hop bitterness adds to the complex tastes of the Baltic Porter. Hints of chocolate, port like flavors, coffee, and raisins Chuckanut Baltic Porter is mouth-filling and very easy to drink due to its lager yeast and cold fermentation.
IBU: 35


Post author: Hanski
7 years ago
Paksu tumma vaahto, tuoksussa marjaa ja karamellia, maussa paksuutta, kitkerää makeutta,