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Tribute 8.1%, 14th Star Brewing Company, United States
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8.1% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Our Tribute Double IPA is a celebration of hops, pure and simple. A simple and smooth malt base serves as the stage for the hops to perform. Tribute has a beautiful golden color, an aroma brimming with citrusy hops, and a deliciously smooth hop flavor and dry finish.
IBU : 65


Post author: Amsar
@ BrewDog Dalston
2 months ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
2 years ago
Tribute, United States
This has citrus that leans towards grapefruit and tangerine. Has some light pine with a touch of dankness. Medium+ hoppy bitterness. Has some very light caramel malt. Finishes dry. Overall this is very old school-ish (which I love). Has just a touch of the new school to it. Very good combo.

Post author: Les Dolllllllces
Les Dolllllllces
4 years ago
Tribute, United States

Post author: Gelfling666
@ BrewDog North Street Leeds
4 years ago
Top beer

Post author: Juho L
Juho L
@ BrewDog Webshop
4 years ago
Tribute, United States
Taas vähän iäkäs DIPA brewdogin kaupasta. Hyvää on. Vois olla parempaa tuoreena. Aika old school makumaailma. On tuhdisti humalaa.