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Key Lime White 4.1%, Bone Up Brewing Company, United States
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Key Lime White
4.1% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
I don't generally care for fruit beers, so I challenged myself to make one that I don't hate. That's trickier than it sounds, since fruit can be a pain in the ass to brew with - most of the flavor comes from sugar, which is fermentable and thus does not survive into the finished product (and the CO2 produced by fermentation tends to scrub out whatever delicate flavors remain). That's why every blueberry beer you drink tastes like fake blueberry flavoring - using real fruit does little more than turn your beer pink. Anyway, we decided to incorporate a lot of the flavors from key lime pie - since that's the best dessert there is* - so there's some lactose in there, some key lime juice (of course), and if you hunt for it there's a little bit of a bready flavor like you'd get from a pie crust. I never intended to make a fruit beer on the regular, but I know a winner when I taste one.
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