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Albino Milk Stout 7.7%, Grist Brewing Company, United States
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Albino Milk Stout
7.7% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
The Albino Stout is our way of poking fun at the age ole beer festival goer's request, "just give me whatever is the lightest."  So what did we do, we made a thick milk stout without all of the dark grains.  What!?  How is there any of that roasty, chocolately flavor you get from all those dark grains you ask, simple, we added a ton (not literally) of cold coffee toddy and cocoa nibs.  All the stout flavor and mouthfeel, without any of the color.  The best way to drink this is with your eyes closed since it's so confusing.
IBU: 49
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