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Window Tour Hefeweizen 5.0%, Grist Brewing Company, United States
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Window Tour Hefeweizen
5.0% Hefeweizen
Rob fell in love with Weiss beers while in Germany a couple years ago. However, it was a business trip, so much of the experience of Germany was through the passenger window of the car at 200 km / hr on the autobahn. With 70% of the grist being wheat, this beer will have a wheaty flavor and the noble hops used in the brewing process are almost undetectable. To avoid the overly banana / apple / pear aroma and flavor sometimes noticed in hefeweizens, we ferment at a lower temperature for a period time then allow the fermentation temperature to naturally rise as energy from the yeast is released. This gives our hefeweizen a great balance of clove and banana so your pallet is completely satisfied.
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