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Transition State Kölsch 5.5%, Grist Brewing Company, United States
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Transition State Kölsch
5.5% Kölsch
Kölsch is a good beer for mass produced lager drinkers to have when making the switch to craft beer. Thus, you provide the activation energy and let this Kölsch be your transition state as you change from beer drinker to craft beer drinker. Or maybe you already love craft beer and just want something lighter. This Kölsch is a delicate, light golden beer that has a slight fruity aroma and flavor. We use a traditional ale yeast and ferment at a relatively low temperature for an ale yeast so we can keep the fruity ester production at just the right level. The noble hop aroma, flavor, and bitterness are almost completely absent, just as it should be. This is an excellent beer to enjoy anytime you want something light but don't want to compromise and drink mass produced lagers.
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