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Whole Milk, ½ Squeeze Vanilla, Extra Dark 5.8%, Yolo Brewing Company, United States
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Whole Milk, ½ Squeeze Vanilla, Extra Dark
5.8% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Vanilla Cream Stout a beerhall favorite so we're slowly cranking up production, keeping it fresh, richly flavored, smooth and delicious. The base beer without vanilla is quite nice, as a "milk stout" brewed with caramel, chocolate, roasted and black malts, plus a considerable dose of refined milk-sugar to give the beer extra body and sublte sweetness. The aroma and flavor are boosted with a bit of naturual Madagascar vanilla extract, perfectly balancing the roasted malt flavors. Enjoyed in a tall glass, or served with a dollop of ice cream, the Vanilla Cream Stout is always a decadent treat.
IBU: 42
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