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Shorty Is Gonna Love The Nordy 5.4%, Yolo Brewing Company, United States
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Shorty Is Gonna Love The Nordy
5.4% Pale Lager
"Back in the day" this was called Nordendorf Lager.  Loosely translated from German, one could say it is a North Village Lager.  Or perhaps a lager from the North Village. This beer was borne of our desire to craft a light & crisp authentic German style pilsner.  As we now know it "Nordy" is perfectly pale yellow in color, light bodied yet never bland.   Pilsner malt  combines with Hersbruker, Tettnanger and Saaz hops to yield crisp flavors and a delicate pleasing aroma.  Fermented cool at 52F and conditioned for 5-7 weeks, the beer is elegant and refreshing.
IBU: 14
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