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Alkali Wit 5.2%, Track 7 Brewing Company, United States
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Alkali Wit
5.2% Witbier
Alkali Wit draws its name from the Alkali Flats district of Sacramento, which was named for the white alkali deposits left behind following seasonal flooding from the Sacramento River. We decided that the name was an ideal fit as Alkali Wit leaves behind a white lacing inside the pint glass as the beer quickly recedes during consumption. Alkali Wit is a Belgian-style witbier, or white wheat beer, with a light-body, rock-white head, subtle coriander and citrus flavors, and a slight spice derived from the yeast. All of this is beer speak for an easy drinking beer perfect for hot Sacramento summer days, when a hop bomb just won't satisfy or when more than one is on the horizon.
IBU: 27
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