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Extra Red 6.5%, Ritual Brewing Company, United States
2 ratings
Extra Red
6.5% Red Ale / Amber Ale
We tend to do things a little differently here at Ritual, so when the call came in to make a new style Red ale, we immediately deferred to the full-flavored segment of the taste spectrum. We certainly didn't skimp on the malts (after all, we used eight different varieties), giving this beer a multi-layered complexity of caramel and toffee. Balancing out the malty backbone required hops, hops and even a few more hops. The result is a rich, layered, full-bodied beer bringing together a classically complex malt backbone with an assertive West Coast finish.
IBU: 59


Post author: Charrrrrlie
1 year ago
A surprise red- sweet with a Knock down

Post author: Fabian
3 years ago