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Indomitable City Double IPA 10.3%, New Helvetia Brewing Company, United States
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Indomitable City Double IPA
10.3% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Be careful, this is a beer that fights back. Unlike some other popular hoppy beers I can name, we'll keep on brewing this as long as you keep drinking it. This face meltingly good IIPA keeps getting awesomer (made up words are the only way to describe it.) A light bodied malt bill gives a splendiferous backdrop for the ginormous hop profile (lots of Galena and Centennial) which gives it a phantasmagorical aroma and magniflorious fruity taste. With a strong fruity nose and a sizable dose of hops this double IPA will give your taste buds a thrashing and leave them wanting more. Served only in a 10oz glass.
IBU: 85
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