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The Eagles Nest 8.4%, Mad Fritz Brewing Company, United States
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The Eagles Nest
8.4% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
The Eagle's Nest fable is just bad ass and the artwork by Barlow does it justice thus we needed to craft a beer that could be held to same level of morality!  West coast IPA is the style framed with Colorado's Scarlet Malted Barley and a pinch of Belgian Special B to color it, a long bittering hop time 110 minutes with Amarillo and Citra (Version A) then more and more and more on the finish.  We introduced Version B (Chinook, Glacier and Magnum) in the fall of 2015 to offer a different expression of hops. We opted not to dry hop as we feel there is adequate punch from the whirlpool / knock-out steep. After a warm fermentation we racked to a 3rd use Chardonnay barrel for aging for two to three weeks only.  This highly aromatic beer is bright with hops as well as subtle barrel tones and a rich yet dry texture terminating at 1.006 to 1.008 and alcohol at 8.4 to 8.8 % v / v and 85 IBUs.
IBU: 85
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