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Hutte Double IPA 9.5%, June Lake Brewing, United States
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Hutte Double IPA
9.5% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Working with our Brewfather and a number of our brewer friends we developed this Goliath of a beer. Think big Westcoast style DIPA with a massive hop bill that includes Cascade, Millenium, CTZ, Ella and Nugget, countered by an even larger malt bill comprised of 2-Row Pale, Carapils and Crystal 15. Oh yeah and throw in 66lbs of dry hopped Cascade, Ella and Armarillo for a citrusy, orangy finish that accentuates the overall super hoppy goodness. Though light in color at 9 SRM, Hutte makes up for it in flavor and body with 9.5% ABV and 120 IBUs of palate crushing awesomeness!
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