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The Resistance 7.0%, Iron Fist Brewing Company, United States
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The Resistance
7.0% Sour / Wild Ale
And now for a bit of irony. Most brewers fight a never-ending battle to keep all those mysterious little microorganisms that might add what they consider to be "off" flavors out of their beer. Well, being the defiant types, we decided not to resist this so-called "wild" yeast, instead bending it to our will to create The Resistance. And since enough is never enough, we also decided to age it in oak white wine barrels. Most people go their entire lives without even laying eyes on such an interesting, unique, and amazingly delicious beer. And you happen to be holding such a beer in your hand right now. Do the math.


Post author: Daniel Brussel
Daniel Brussel
@ Carrefour Express Quai à la Houille 4, Bruxelles
4 years ago
The Resistance, United States