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Scary Dairy 8.8%, Institution Ale Company, United States
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Scary Dairy
8.8% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Scary Dairy is an Imperial Milk Stout w / vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. So what is a Milk Stout? A Milk Stout (or Sweet Stout) is a Stout that uses lactose (milk sugar) as a sweetener. Lactose is unfermentable to brewer's yeast, so it doesn't get consumed during fermentation like many of the other sugars in beer. The remaining lactose sugar gives the finished beer extra body and a touch of sweetness. Scary Dairy is an Imperial Milk Stout, meaning it is strong (8.8%)! It's also packed with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs, creating a perfect harmony of dark, luscious flavors. Added bitterness balances the beer's sweetness. ABV: 8.8%, IBU 56, 45 SRM.
IBU: 56
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