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Monumentous 7.0%, Coachella Valley Brewing, United States
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7.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
By definition, a monumental occasion is one of very great significance and size. Coachella Valley Brewing Company's Monumentous, aptly named after the Joshua Tree National Monument, is much more! The 800,000 acre Joshua Tree National Monument is an environmental paradox which is unwelcoming, even brutal during the heat of summer yet delicate and extremely fragile. Home to oases, dry lakes, deserts, flat valleys that reach sea level and rugged mountains Joshua Tree is the place where they all work together in harmony. In respect to the harmonious balance of the Park we selected a delicate yet ranging array of hops from the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand. We employ hop additions to the kettle, whirlpool, and use whole hop flowers in our hop back as well as two separate dry hop additions to create a true to style West Coast Style Double Rye India Pale Ale meant to be savored when its fresh by our fellow hop heads so please don't age this beer away. Join us and pay homage to the hop Gods by drinking this brew varied and delicate as its namesake national monument.
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