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Unicorn Juice 5.0%, Artifex Brewing Company, United States
3 ratings
Unicorn Juice
5.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Where does Unicorn Juice come from you might ask? It all started when we stumbled across a mysterious door in the middle of a meandering forest road. Though many would have turned back, we decided to enter this door. As we entered into the darkness we suddenly emerged into a new magical land. There were rainbows and majestic creatures with single horns that floated through the air effortlessly. As we continued on our path we stumbled upon a stream that smelled of delicious passionfruit and glowed with the brightness of the sun. Now, we are not promising that Unicorn Juice will make you live longer or look younger but it sure as hell tastes good and who doesn't like Unicorns and magical lands?
IBU: 14


Post author: Dominovox
4 years ago

Post author: Dani L
Dani L
4 years ago
Unicorn Juice, United States