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Artisan Reserve Brewer's Secret 7.5%, Mad River Brewery, United States
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Artisan Reserve Brewer's Secret
7.5% Porter
Brewers Secret – Some D.W.S. How could we possibly improve on the excellence of our Steelhead Porter? Age it in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels, with fresh vanilla beans added of course! This limited edition Porter has complex malt characteristics balanced with a mild hop profile, taken to a whole new level by forward notes of bourbon, oak and vanilla. Smoked and peated malts lend added complexity and a mild smokey flavor that melds perfectly with the southern charms of decadent bourbon flavors. Malts: 2-row pale malt, Crystal 70 / 80, Crystal 135 / 165, Chocolate malt, Peated malt, Rauch (German smoked malt) and Wheat Bittering hops: Willamette Flavor Hops: Tettnanger Finishing Hops: Tettnanger and Willamette -Aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels with Vanilla Beans for 2 months.
IBU: 34.2
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