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Brother Thelonious 9.4%, North Coast Brewing, United States
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Brother Thelonious
9.4% Belgian Strong Ale
With the developing interest in Belgian abbey ales and the monasteries that brew them, it’s time to remind the world that here in the U.S., we have a Monk of our own. Jazz icon Thelonious Monk is the inspiration for North Coast Brewing’s new Belgian-style abbey ale called, appropriately enough, Brother Thelonious. The beer is being released in conjunction with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz (, and the brewery will make a contribution to the Institute for every case sold to support jazz education.
IBU : 27


Post author: MSieppi
@ Systembolaget Online Store
14 days ago
Brother Thelonious, United States
Väri nätti tumman kuparinen. Tuoksuu siirappi, limppuleipä ja alkoholi. Maku on vähän puinen, siirappinen, kuivahko ja alkoholikin maistuu . Tietty pehmeys, makeus puuttuu kyllä täysin.

Post author: Tommyblyaa
1 month ago
Brother Thelonious, United States

Post author: Olsson O
Olsson O
@ Systembolaget Visby
2 months ago
Brother Thelonious, United States

Post author: drfardigh
2 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beer Republic Web Shop
3 months ago
Brother Thelonious, United States
Advent Calendar 2023, Day 3. The pour is basically transparent as revealed by the light behind the glass. The color is dark chestnut brown. The red echo is visible. Carbonation is surprisingly extrovert. The moussy creamy head climbs almost two fingers high. The short retention blows the foam down to a thin lace ring. The scent offers appealing nuances: date, caramel malt, syrup, candi sugar and – interestingly – oak barrel notes. However, this is not barrel aged to my understanding. Anyway, gives a promising start. The tongue enjoys intensive, a tad arrogant flavors: caramel malt, a bit of date, a hint of clove and slightly piney hops. Characterful. But then... the body: it's light-medium. Maximum. The ABV should deliver more. An alcoholic slam haunts my taste receptors in the end. Bitterness increases in the finish. Tonight the aftertaste's thelonious, glowing of the moon, playin' tunes, it's the loneliest; home is where the homies is. The mouthfeel is light-medium, intense, a tad mellow, marginally woody and lip-glueing. It's also alcoholic toward the end. Sufficiently Belgiany.

Post author: Joshua G
Joshua G
@ Liqour Emporium
3 months ago
Brother Thelonious, United States
Honestly don’t know how to describe this one. Had it before. Liked it before. A nice change up, but almost a sweet bourbon barrel effect? Gets stronger as it goes… Not sure what it is, but 9.4% always helps.

Post author: LärsPepi
@ Beer Republic Web Shop
4 months ago

Post author: Hubbabub
@ Connys Ölhörna
5 months ago

Post author: teikenes
@ Systembolaget Gårda
8 months ago
Brother Thelonious, United States
Sweet, fizzy, yeasty with lots of aroma. Fun take on a Belgian abbey ale. And some of sale proceeds go to jazz

Post author: Kelly R
Kelly R
10 months ago
Brother Thelonious, United States
Hello my new friend, might have to try one more to be sure😁🍻🍻