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Tree Bucket 9.5%, Brewery Vivant, United States
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Tree Bucket
9.5% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Our brewers are slinging some serious hops into this Belgian inspired DIPA, which is why we initially named it "Trebuchet", the mediaeval French catapult pictured at right. We ran into a snafu with the name when we discovered another cool brewery in California already had it trademarked. Instead of crying about it, we just changed it to the way 9 out of 10 people pronounced it anyway. Tree Bucket. Took a French word and used American phonetics-- kind of like what we do with our beer styles. Cheers!


Post author: Sirdubby
4 years ago
Slightly piney hop aroma. Taste has a noticeable malty sweetness. Beyond that, I'm getting some citrusy and piney hop characteristics. Nice IPA. I'd definitely have this again. 4/5