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Olde Village Stock Ale 14.2%, Kuhnhenn Brewing, United States
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Olde Village Stock Ale
14.2% Old Ale
An old English tradition, Stock Ale was an aged, slightly sour ale, designed to be blended with a younger Mild Ale, typically by a publican. Our version has spent 9 months aging in spent Bourbon barrels, inoculated with Brettanomyces Claussenii, a type of wild yeast known for its candied fruit notes and drying character. This tawny-colored brew breathes notes of toffee and toast, along with a hint of dried pineapple. The taste is warming, along with brown sugar and vanilla-marshmallow notes. Sweet flavors, but dry on the palate, dried, candied pineapple carries through to the bone-dry finish. Complex and extremely satisfying.
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