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Tasmanian Wolf 5.0%, The Wolf Brewery, England
2 ratings
Tasmanian Wolf
5.0% India Pale Ale
Brewed with New Zealand hops.


Post author: Clusp
2 years ago
A good, well defined IPA, with enough going on to be pretty good. It's strong enough, bity enough, and refreshing enough to bring it up from the ranks of 'Good' to the echelons of 'Pretty Good'. It dangles 'Great' in front of you, like you're a mule chasing a carrot, without ever letting you get there. It's good without being remarkable, but it's missing some layers. It's a bit one dimensional, and yet still pretty good.

Post author: Harry J
Harry J
7 years ago
Tasmanian Wolf, England
A cross between a bitter and a hopped beer, dark in colour but very strong in taste!