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Eazy Duz It Imperial IPA 8.2%, Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, United States
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Eazy Duz It Imperial IPA
8.2% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
We originally brewed this beer for our buddies at NWIPA, a bar based in Portland — check it out! We knew we had a great beer on our hands after the first sip, but were still shocked when we took home silver at the 2015 Great American Beer Fest. We brought this beer back to enter in the National Imperial IPA Championships (NIIPAC), a competition that Megafauna Imperial IPA dominated during its debut year. This experimental IPA is uniquely light-bodied with a mild and smooth spicy finish. Despite its ABV, Eazy is dangerously sessionable and boasts delicious earthy, citrusy, and dank hop aromas and flavors. Give it a try before it's gone for good!
IBU: 75
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