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Lenz Bock 6.7%, Heater Allen Brewing Co, United States
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Lenz Bock
6.7% Hellerbock / Maibock
Maibock or Helles Bock, is the last beer of Germany's Starkbier (strong beer) season. It is the transition beer from the Bocks, Porters, and Dopplebocks of winter to the Pils, Helles, and Wheat beers of summer. Lenz translates to "spring" in German, which we thought would be the perfect name for this spring seasonal. Our 2013 Lenzbock was medium straw in color and had rich, nutty aromas complemented by floral, malty flavors and a slight bitter finish. This is one of our beers we have the pleasure of improving each year we make it and it has become one of our most anticipated seasonals.
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