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Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale 7.0%, Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale
7.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale is named after planet Earth, the only blue planet in this universe, and brewed in honor of Earth Day, with organic Pilsner malt, rye malt and a combo of intense hops. Pours a cloudy (unfiltered) golden, orangey, straw color, topped with a thin creamy white lace with minimal stick. Somewhat pungent in the nose with tons of herbal, floral, citrus grapefruit, raw honey and fresh mint. Fairly full-bodied, thick-ish, smooth, even and creamy. Then the hops come to play with a raw leafy coarseness and big smack of grapefruit, ripe pineapple, salt, rinds, hint of soapiness (not a bad thing), and some sticky resins on the palate. This is all backed by a malt sweetness, touch of honey, and a spicy character unique to the addition of rye. There's some spice and warmth from the alcohol too. Dry and biscuity toward the finish. Tropical fruit esters on the breath. Review from BeerAdvocate magazine Vol. II Issue VII Alcohol: 7% by volume. IBU's 80.
IBU: 80


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale, United States
This doesn’t quite cut it. It has grainy malts with citrusy & some piney resin hops. Sounds good right? Not quite so. It has a medicinal taste. The malts and hops just don’t mesh together. Add to it that it is quite flat with barely any carbonation. Now it does say Spring 2018 on the bottle and given this is spring 2019 this may be attributing to the issues with it Overall a 2 based on what I’m getting here. The pic below shows my 2nd pour which was a hard pour just to get the little head shown. 1st barely anything