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North the Sixth 7.1%, Fort George Brewery, United States
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North the Sixth
7.1% Porter
As our hemisphere approaches the cold, dark side of the sun the warmth and brightness of summer become a fading memory. The nights are starting earlier, but you can't really justify going to bed at 6pm just because all the streetlights have come on. Warm yourself up with North, Fort George's tribute to the season of scarves and sweaters. North is a strong porter infused with Astoria Coffee Roasters' Working Girl Coffee in the mash, the boil and finally the conditioning tank. North also undergoes a secondary fermentation on 100 pounds of organic cranberries from Starvation Alley Farms on the Long Beach Peninsula. By teaming up with these local craftsmen and farmers, Fort George has created an ale whose robust cimmerian sips match the pitch of the evening, while espresso and roast aromas mingle with the tart undertones of the season's favorite fruit.
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