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Fisherman's Hefeweizen 5.0%, Lost Coast Brewery, United States
1 ratings
Fisherman's Hefeweizen
5.0% Hefeweizen


Post author: Chris B
Chris B
@ The Fishermans Restaurant and Bar
6 years ago
Fisherman's Hefeweizen, United States
It's possible that I'm utterly drained by good beer - and am near the end of my trip. However, this is a perfectly decent Weiss beer with some notes of spice and perhaps a curl of orange peel. It's cloudy as it should be and hazy in colour. Served (impeccably) on the pier in lovely San Clemente. It's not exciting, but it does the job. For the final time, it's paired with a Mrs B cocktail. The good people in these parts make you warm to everything.